Too Many Goodbyes


My hardest goodbyes are new ones

I knew that saying goodbye would be difficult. I knew that not everyone would wait patiently in their rooms waiting for me to return before resuming their lives. But I wasn’t prepared for who I would have the hardest time saying goodbye too. For the past 5 months I’ve worked at the middle school by my house and those goodbyes were some of the toughest. Maybe it’s because I had already had to say goodbye to everyone else in my life at one point. I said goodbye to Kansas when I went to college, goodbye to Colorado when I went to grad school, and goodbye to Victoria when I came back home.


But I hadn’t had to say goodbye to my students yet. I hadn’t had to say goodbye to an incredibly dedicated and supportive staff. When I told them of my acceptance the students responded as you would expect middle schoolers to react. Some didn’t believe me, some begged me not to go, some decided to glare at me until I promised to stay, and some were convinced a lion would eat me. (The movie Madagascar apparently did not do a good job at explaining that lions don’t actually live there). I think there was even a plan to kidnap me and prevent me from leaving. They were concerned I wouldn’t have running water, but couldn’t imagine a world in which I wouldn’t have a TV. The staff was extremely supportive and one said, “I’m too happy for you to be mad at you!” Another went around announcing my departure like a proud parent. None of this made it easier to leave.


I hope that this blog will keep you from forgetting me so quickly and that you will something new along the way. Remember I will keep my promise to write if you keep yours to write back!


“It’s about going to the blackboard and raising your hand” – The West Wing268878_3034768004767_2072933647_n.jpg


I have no pictures of me teaching so here are ones from when I graduated (top CSU, bottom UVIC)


4 thoughts on “Too Many Goodbyes

  1. So proud of you Mikaela Cherry! No doubt those kids miss you! I look forward to reading about your journey….watch out for lions…lol!


  2. Doesn’t get easier, but you realize how blessed it is to have loving relationships wherever you go. So you go, girl! Change the world!


  3. Mikaela, we could never forget you! Your short time with us at MT made a BIG impression! I am so proud to call you friend, and way too happy for you and your impact on the world to be upset with you leaving us! My 3rd, 5th and 7th hours seem empty without you! You hold a huge part of our hearts! Be careful of runaway penguins and talking giraffes! XOXO


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