Geography of Madagascar

Apparently doing my Masters in a geography department finally wore off on me because here I am writing one of my first posts about the geography of Madagascar. The following video is not exactly related to the Peace Corps or Madagascar. However, it does deal with geography, and is from my favorite television show, The West Wing, so clearly I had to include it.

Now that we are comfortable with the Peter’s projection and have started hanging our maps “upside down” let’s take a closer look at where I’ll be serving.



Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world located in the Indian Ocean off the southeastern coast of Africa. If you want to do some comparing to other places I’ve lived, Madagascar is 2.75 times larger than Kansas, 2.15 times larger than Colorado, and 18.5 times larger than Vancouver Island.

Madagascar has a variety of climates, but overall there are two seasons: a hot, raining season from November to April; and a cooler, dry season from May to October. The East cost of the island is dominated by a hot, wet, tropical climate, while the central highlands are drier and cooler. The west cost is the driest and the southwest has a semi-dessert climate. The geography ranges from tropical rainforests, to desserts, to mountains, to grasslands.

“When the top of the map is given to the Northern Hemispere and the bottom is given to the Southern then people will tend to adopt top and bottom attidtudes” The West Wing


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