History of Madagascar


I was looking for a picture of Madagascar’s map and stumbled across this map so I thought I would include it. I’ve also decided that all the scientists working in Antarctica should get together and design a flag so Antarctica isn’t so lonely. The following is a not at all comprehensive  history of Madagascar containing things I found interesting.

Madagascar separated from Africa around 150 million years ago and finally broke away from India around 80 million years ago. It’s because of this long separation that lemurs exist while other animals associated with Africa (lions, elephants, giraffes) are missing from the island.

Madagascar was settled by those of Indonesian and African decent approximately 2,000 years ago. From there the people and languages evolved so that neither resemble the their origins.

My sister Kerstin would like me to mention that from 1782 -1862 there Queen Ranavalona I was know as the Mad Monarch of Madagascar. She attempted to maintain the freedom and traditions of Madagascar, which resulted in the death of 1/3 of her subjects. She was also a fan of sending foreigners in the country to their deaths in a variety of ways including poison, boiled in water, and flung off cliffs. She once killed someone by coating her feet in poison and making the person kiss them.

Beginning in the 1700’s the French slowly began to colonize the island, but it doesn’t become a French colony until 1896. (Partially thanks of Ranavlona I). Madagascar stays as a French colony until June 26, 1960 when it gains independence.

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors. We borrow it from our children”





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