Favorite Foods: Mofo Akondro


Though many people make fun of Malagasy food and the amount of rice that is eaten here there are a number of truly delicious things here. One of my first favorite snacks or breakfasts is Mofo Aknodro which translates literally to bread banana. Mofo Akondro is basically a deep friend banana. My Neny has made them for breakfast, the PCTC has made them for snacks, I bought one at the market and at the tiny store in town. While there are numerous fried things here that I love Mofo Aknodro is probably my favorite. If you want to try them out yourself, here’s the recipe. Feel free to decrease the recipe in case you don’t want to make 100 of them.



1 kg of rice flour

1 kg of soya flour

¼ kg of sugar


½ tsp baking soda

vegetable oil


Lots of bananas


The day before cooking mix rice flour with water till the dough is thick but fluid. Let the dough rest all night. In the morning add the other ingredients, coat the bananas and deep fry.


Note: I’m sure you could use whatever batter you are comfortable with and the end result would be the same. I have a feeling that using it with the batter they make grange pups with would be a truly excellent cross culture exchange. (If you have never had grange pups you are missing out and need to go to Olathe’s Old Settlers parade.)








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