Life of a trainee: weekend edition

This example comes from a few Sundays ago. My host dad drives a taxi brousse so he is often only home on the weekend.
4:30-5:30 Neniko (my host mom) awakes and begins to sweep, feed the animals, and make breakfast.
5-6 I awake an lay in bed and try to determine what is being made for breakfast and when it will be ready. Dadako (my host dad) lays in bed with the little ones telling them stories. Perhaps by the end of training I will be able to understand them.
6-6:30 The whole family eats breakfast. The weekends are generally a time for treats like pancakes and lemongrass tea. Everyone but me puts a ridiculous amount of sugar in their drinks. I’ve seen Dadako put sugar in a coke.
6:30-7 I help with the dishes then Neniko and I sweep and wax the floors to keep the fleas away.
8-9 Dadako gets the little girls ready for church and Neniko pays her respects to the family of a neighbour who has just died.
9-12 The little ones go to church with a neighbour. Dadako hangs out with friends and plays the keyboard. Neniko does some chores as starts getting lunch together. I do laundry with another volunteer and go for a walk.
12-1 The little ones come back from church and we eat the standard lunch of rice, beans, and veggies. Today we also have a fanta as a special treat. Neniko likes to spoil me and my host sisters with snacks.

2-5 Today is the final game for the local soccer cup. Dadako plays forward and our neighbour/cousin is the goalie. The game ends in a shoutout that we lose. After the game there is celebrating and fighting in which my feisty Neny goes around shouting and my quiet Dada goes around pulling people off each other.

5-7 Neniko and Dadko work together to make dinner and Neniko reenacts the story of her getting hit by a flip flop to anyone who will listen. I play with the neighbour girls and we take a ridiculous number of selfies.

7-8 Dinner is rice, crawfish, pasta, and pineapple for dessert. After the excitement of the day no one is looking forward to Monday. I remember to take my clothes down just as it is starting to rain.




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