Welcome to Befotaka

My experiences during site visit as a stream of fairly incoherent thoughts


  • From Tana to Befotaka in 16 hours. I have not idea if this is a good time or not
  • Joe and Maddi’s brousse just got here, 4 hours after me, apparently 16 hours is a pretty good.
  • Come on clouds, you can do it, you can rain, please rain!
  • Never mind the rain really isn’t any cooler
  • A lizard fell on my head while he was jumping for a spider
  • I can see the water evaporating off the road while it is still raining
  • Hitching a ride with semi’s is more comfortable than riding on a brousse
  • Fish and crabs appear to be the most dependable source of protein here
  • Will I ever eat a vegetable again?
  • Seriously I’ve eaten a total of 3 tomatoes in a week
  • Ducks put up more of a fight than chickens when being carried by their feet
  • Palm Sunday involved walking to church with freshly picked coconut leaves
  • The nunnery is the swankiest place in town. They have lemonade, real toilets and showers, and a TV
  • It’s Good Friday and I just say a brousse with “Jesus Inside” written in English on the back. I feel like I need to warn Jesus that he should get out while he still can
  • I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten 100 oranges and bananas this week, but almost no vegetables
  • I woke up to a lizard crawling up my leg, I think we both just had mini heat attacks. What is it with me a lizards here?
  • Since it’s holy week I’ve gone to church 5 times this week. This amounted to 15 hours
  • My Mamma can sass anyone into doing anything she wants. The only person I haven’t seen her sass is a nun.
  • I think I might just melt here. You can just ship me back to the highlands in a bottle and reform me there
My future house!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Befotaka

  1. Mikaela, I started rereading your blog after talking with your grandma. I found this one especially humorous and memorable as it made me recall our time in West Africa. Fortunately for us, there the rains did bring some relief–especially at the end of the dry season. You are in our prayers. Pastor Dan


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