Crackpots and these Women

If you are not familiar with The West Wing this title will make little sense to you. I will let you know now that this story has no crackpots in it. Madagascar is poor and doesn’t have the time and money for your fancy drugs. This is a story about the amazing moms who have hosted us during our training.

Those women who give up an entire room in their already small house so you can have some privacy

These women who welcome us into their lives and ensure that we can do laundry and keep the fleas out of our rooms

These women who wake up before 5 to make sure breakfast is ready before we all go off to school

These women who cook every meal over a single charcoal stove

These women who spend even more time squatted over that stove teaching us how to make rice, fried bread, and other Malagasy staples

These women who walk a mile to the market with a child on their backs and a bunch of bananas on their heads

These women who can peel and dice a cucumber, tomato, or onion in their hands using a dull knife and the vegetables never touch the table

These women who wrangle free range chickens and children and never lose track of any of them

These women who carry water and rice and laundry with ease up a hill that would leave an experienced hiker breathless

These women who scrub for hours to get the mud out of children’s clothes knowing they will get dirty again as soon as the clothes are worn

These women who spend their free time teaching us Malagasy, patiently going over lessons and correcting our pronunciations

These women who ask about American and after a while are generally surprised by something we do or cook for ourselves instead of having a machine do it

These women who worry over our bug bites and intestinal health, sometimes more than is comfortable

These women who are kind and loving in spite of the hardships and would do anything for us and us them


Colin and I’s host moms practicing watering




3 thoughts on “Crackpots and these Women

  1. Beautiful… describe them so eloquently. They sound like wonderful, caring women and I’m thankful you are among such caring people!


  2. Those women will teach you what is truly important in life. So glad you have them to help and guide you. Thank you for sharing and making me stop and think about how I am spending my days. Love you bunches.


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