June: twitter edition 

Highlights from the last month

1st my host mom is still gone and my toilet is still unfinished

2nd today I met with a vazaha working on plans for a permagarden at the private school

3rd had lunch with a teacher where the conversation was dominated by corruption in the school system

4th reading 3 game of thrones books in 4 days isn’t bad right?

5th the host mother has returned though she offers no explanation as to where she has been

6th I have an unhealthy love for bonbon coco (coconut candy)

7th I finally earned extra tomatoes from my tomato lady at the market today

8th today I walked until I found the ocean, it was full of mangroves, but very nice

10th sometimes it takes 11 hours to go 150km in the dry season

11th malaria field day at Katie’s site was very successful

13th my neighbours have a new thing where the play their radio all night, perhaps to drown out the karaoke bar

15th Got to show my site to the assistant country director

16th when you try to make friends with British vazahas and they want nothing to do with you

17th discussing policy changes is always better with the beach behind you

18th spent the day snorkelling, sunbathing, and watching dolphins

19th two vazahas switched from English to French when they heard us. Clearly no one likes us

20th trying to lure in lemurs with bananas and grapefruit

21st if I got a present for everyone who asked I would be completely broke, but that doesn’t seem bother them


23rd when hitching a ride with a semi is easier than getting a spot on a brousse

25th fireworks and dancing for Independence Day

26th when just being a vazaha gets you a spot of honour at the Independence Day festivities

27th I think the entire town is hungover

28th the lack of people at the market shows that people still haven’t recovered from the celebration

29th the karaoke bar by my house decided to do a tribute to Justin Beiber last night… Baby baby baby oh


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