Things That Go Bump In The Night 

I can’t say I’ve lived somewhere that the night is loud. Sure every 7 years the cicadas never shut up and the occasional car would drive by, but nothing that I would consider disruptive. I thought my village here would be similar, not necessarily quieter, but on the same level. I was terribly wrong. Here are all the things the pierce the nighttime air.
Children: they don’t want to go to bed here just as much as in the states, but here the whole neighbourhood can hear them scream

Geckos: this isn’t restricted to nighttime, but occasionally geckos like to make random screeching noises

Rat/mouse: it’s not loud, but waking up to it scurrying around stealing my silverware and eating my soap is a little unsettling and always makes me wonder how well I’ve tucked in my bednet

Cat: she whines to come in. She whines to go out. And she still hasn’t caught my rat/mouse

Bugs: sometimes I wonder if Madagascar is having its 7 year cicada awakening because these bugs are loud

Dogs: about half of the time they are quiet, but some nights I’m pretty sure that someone has stolen the Dalmatians and they won’t stop barking until they are found

Karaoke: some nights you really want to hear poorly sung Celine Dione, but usually not

Fetys: when there’s a party the music don’t stop til the sun comes up

Roosters: roosters are the worst. It’s not like the farm where you have one off in the barn that crows once. Here everyone has one and they start crowing around 3 and never really stop. I may soon be driven mad while plotting ways to kill all the roosters in town.

It seems the only sound I’ve managed to escape is my parents’ snoring


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