How to: Laundry

Gone are the days where the most difficult part of laundry is remembering to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer. (Yes, I know most people don’t have this problem, but what can I say. I’m a bit absent minded).  Now laundry takes a bit more time and effort on my part. At least until the rainy season starts my absent mindedness shouldn’t be a problem.
1. Decide you actually have to do laundry because your clothes are stiff with dirt and sweat
2. Wait at least one more day because you got distracted and forgot
3. Buy soap if needed
4. Fetch water
5. Let clothes soak in soapy water overnight to help get the dirt out. (This is my personal method not the Malagasy way) but I think it helps
6. Take clothes out of bucket one by one and scrub out the remaining dirt. Place in bucket with clean water
7. Repeat until all clothes have been scrubbed. I start with the dirtiest ones first because I tend the get lazy towards the end
8. Ring out clothes and rinse in another bucket of clean water. Ring out again and hang to dry
9. Forget to bring clothes in until it’s bedtime and you have nothing to sleep in
10. Collect clothes from line and hang up it dump in a pile depending on your mood
Bonus points if you use your dirty laundry water to water your garden and fruit trees

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