A fady is a taboo. They vary from town to town and even family to family. Some fadys arise from the ancestors coming to people in a dream to tell them about it. Take this true/false quiz to see how well you know the fadys in Madagascar.

  1. Eating pork before swimming will cause a mermaid to come drown you
  2. Taking ginger on a boat will cause the water to turn red
  3. If you go onto a boat on your period the boat will sink
  4. It’s fady to buy salt at night
  5. It’s fady to whistle at night
  6. It’s fady to go outside at night
  7. It’s fady to poop in a kabone
  8. Wearing red while swimming will cause someone to drown
  9. It’s fady to point at tombs
  10. Going outside at night means a witch will put a curse on you
  11. It’s fady to work the rice fields on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  12. If you sing while eating your front teeth will grow long
  13. It’s fady to touch a dog then touch a person

answer key below


Answer Key: 1:T 2:T 3:T 4:T 5:T 6:T 7:T 8:T 9:T 10:T 11:T 12:T 13:T

Yes I know this wasn’t a very fair quiz because everything is true, but I was afraid that the fadys I made up would actually be a fady in a different part of the country.




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