Peace Corps Palace

Here are some pictures of where I live

In some Peace Corps countries volunteers live with host families their entire service, but in Madagascar volunteers generally have their own homes.


My house has two rooms with a back and front porch. It’s made out of cement and wood with a tin roof.I’m spoiled because I have so much space and tile floors. Other houses in the area are similar, but some people have houses made entirely out of cement, wood, or bricks. People also often use banana leaves for roofs. Banana leaf roofs don’t get as hot as tin roofs, but people like tin roofs because they are more durable and since they are more expensive they are seen as a status symbol.I currently share my house with a cat I’m allergic to, a rat my cat is incompetent at catching, and a varying number of spiders and geckos






One thought on “Peace Corps Palace

  1. Thanks for the visual.What great space!!! I love the kitchen, and the bed……I do think with all that open space, that a good hammer could take care of the rat…or a hoe, or a shot gun….love your adventure! Rachelle


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