POTD: Whale Sharks 

Whales sharks can be found off the coast of Madagascar in the Mozambique Channel September- December. The Malagasy name for whale sharks is maro kintana meaning many stars. I was lucky to be able to swim with a few of these guys and learn more about the research being done here.

World Toilet Day

Toilets are awesome. Even before having to give up the western flush toilet for my hole in the ground I have been a big fan of toilet. (My former students can tell you that I get overly excited about world toilet day). The people who work a water and sanitation facilities are so much more … More World Toilet Day

Beat the Heat 

While most of you back home are diving into comfy sweaters, drinking pumpkin spice lattes or whatever the new fall drink is, and preparing for the holidays, we down in the Southern Hemisphere are gearing up for heat, heat, and more heat. At my site it’s time to go from only sweating during the day … More Beat the Heat 

POTD: Chameleons 

My house and yard are fairly overrun by lizards during the raining season. Geckos screech at all hours. My cat goes frantic trying to catch tiny guys with blue tails. And a large spotted one has taken up residence in my shower. But as you can see from the picture, we also have chameleons. While … More POTD: Chameleons