Top Ten Things to do in Befotaka

If you happen to find yourself Befotaka for the day here are the top ten things to do during your visit.

  1. If it’s a Tuesday head north to the edge of town and explore the weekly market. You’ll find every fruit and vegetable in season and possibly some that have been brought up from other parts of the country. You can find household and field items and more tomatoes than you could know what to do with. If it’s not a Tuesday take a stroll to the daily market for a less intense version of the big market.
  2. Take a small 3 km walk to the ocean. We don’t have beaches but we do have mangroves with some nice views. Just be sure to watch out for crocodiles!
  3. If the ocean sounds a bit daunting head to the south of town to spend some time along the river. Chat with the boats that come through with their fresh catch or just enjoy the shade of one of the few places that has a lot of trees.
  4. Take a walk through the town and sample all the small food stands. Depending on the time of year you can find a number of snacks, from fried bananas, to fried sweet potatoes or some chicken.
  5. If the sound of all that fried food doesn’t sound appealing stop by the fruit stands in the middle of town and sample the fresh fruit that is in season, from bananas to oranges to mangoes there is always something delicious
  6. Spend the afternoon watching the local soccer teams play each other to win the town trophy.
  7. Take the road to the west and visit the catholic church. If you’re lucky you’ll get invited back for cookies and lemonade with the nuns.
  8. If you’re still hungry after the snacks a fruits spend some time at one or more of the many hotelys throughout town.
  9. While you’re at the hotely sit back and watch the brousses come through town. See who can spot the strangest thing someone is transporting on top of the brousse.
  10. If it’s warm cool off a bit by spending some time eating popsicles and talking to the people who are stopping through

Also it goes without saying that if you’re in town in the next two years you should obviously see me!





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