Beat the Heat 

While most of you back home are diving into comfy sweaters, drinking pumpkin spice lattes or whatever the new fall drink is, and preparing for the holidays, we down in the Southern Hemisphere are gearing up for heat, heat, and more heat. At my site it’s time to go from only sweating during the day to sweating 24/7. If you happen to find yourself trapped in a similar situation here are some tips to get through the rainy season.

1. Be thankful that it has finally started raining so you don’t have to go to the well as often.

2. With all your extra water consider taking multiple bucket baths everyday.

3. Carry soap with you so if you get caught in a downpour you can multitask and wash you and your clothes at the same time.

4. Create a schedule of eating at various friends and neighbours houses so you don’t have to cook. No sense in heating up your house if you don’t need to.

5. For those meals you have to make yourself consider becoming a fruititarian. Ghandi did it and you can too! And let’s be real, eating your weight in mangoes, oranges, and litchis isn’t much of a challenge.

6. Only work between 5-7am. Spend the rest of the day in the shade. Preferably the shade of a fruit tree so you don’t have to move when you get hungry.

7. If the shade isn’t cutting it buy yourself an ice pop.

8. Consider buying 100 ice pops and laying on them. 3 dollars well spent.

9. If you have a large water storage barrel just go ahead and hop in it.

10. Still too hot? Buy another 100 ice pops to add to the barrel. Instant ice bath!

11. Go on various “work” trips to the highlands where it’s not as hot. Just be sure to get there before the rains come and you’re trapped at site due to flooding.

12. Consider becoming a mermaid so you can just live underwater and not worry about those silly humans in the sun.

13. Plant hundreds of trees capable of growing to full size in just a few weeks to create a cool, shady microclimate.

14. Buy a large solar panel and rig it so you can run a fan from it. Never leave your fan.

15. Or buy yourself a generator and an ice box and just live in it. It’s totally fine if your community thinks you’ve turned into a crazy vampire.
Note: not all ideas are feasible due to budget and biological constraints. Just do your best.


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