PSI Visits

A few weeks ago an NGO called PSI (population services international) visited my site. They have a traveling media vehicle that goes around the north talking to towns about various health topics.

At my site PSI and I spent the day going around spreading the word about the program that evening and talking to all the appropriate officials. Once night started to fall we set up the projector in the yard of the school in the middle of town. While I’m sure we convinced some people to come with all of our talk earlier in the day, what really go the crowds there were the music videos. For about 20 minutes before the program started we played the most popular malagasy music videos and managed to draw in a crowd of about 200.

Once we have lured everyone in we switched over to videos about health. We talked about hand washing, maternal health, and clean drinking water. We also had a few demos and gave out some free water purification tablets.

Overall the program went well and the village talked about it for the next few days, coming to me to ask questions about what had been discussed.




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