Mada Water Issues: drought

Droughts and flooding are a problem all over the world. Many areas of Madagascar are prone to droughts, flooding, cyclones or a combination of the three. One of the goals of agricultural volunteers is to improve food security and help farmers become more resilient to the unpredictable forces of nature.

Currently the southern portion of Madagascar is experiencing an extreme drought. This has been ongoing for the last three years and the situation is critical. Multiples years of low food yield have put between 800,000 and 1,5 million people in the southern part of the country are close to famine. Crop failure, lack of food, and lack of clean drinking water are all a problem. Poor infrastructure also makes it difficult for food to come into the region. People have been reduced to eating wild fruit, seeds that would be used for planting, and selling off animals and land. Hopefully this rainy season will bring a bit of relief.

(Photo from the BBC news)


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