Where’s my water from?

I guess the technically I get my water from the same pool of water that has been cycling around the globe for billions of years just like everyone else, but as that isn’t a very specific answer here are the details.

During the dry season at my site it rains maybe 2 or 3 times meaning that rainwater collection isn’t really an option. This is a shame because I’m lazy and would prefer to have my water just fall out of the sky. Instead I haul myself and my buckets to the well to collect water. While there I chat with the other ladies gathering water and doing laundry. It’s one of the best places to learn what’s new. Though generally what’s new with me is just that I’m getting water. During the end of the dry season many of the wells dry up so people have to walk farther to find water. Thankfully the well I go to never went dry, but for a few weeks the water level was so low only one person could throw in a bucket at a time to the tiny puddle at the bottom.

A look into my well

During the dry season I put out as many buckets as possible anytime I see a rain cloud. So far I’ve been able to collect enough that I no longer have to go to the well. I don’t get to hear the news as soon this way, but I do like how clean the rainwater is. Near the end of the dry season I had to filter all my water including what I used to shower and wash clothes because my water was so muddy.

Colorful rainwater collectors



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