What’s my water use?

Being raised to be environmentally concision and spending the last 6 years studying water I try to limit my water use. Thought I suppose the number of pools I’ve swam in over the years may have offset this a bit. Collecting my own water from a well everyday, I’ve become even more aware of my water use. Below is my estimate weekly water use. It’s gone up a bit since I moved closer to a well and the rainy season started so I’m not so gross/lazy

  • Laundry = 60 L
  • Dishes = 30 L
  • Showers = 100 L
  • Handwashing = 20 L
  • Drinking water = 15-20 L
  • Cooking = 20 L
  • Misc = 20 L

Compare this to the 18855 L that the average person in the states uses in a week and I think I’m doing pretty well.



2 thoughts on “What’s my water use?

  1. I know the boys will ask….is there a significance to what bucket you use for what activity, or is this just how you divide/ carry it?


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