POTD: Ducks in a Well


I’m not sure what led the first duck to fall into the well. Perhaps it really wanted to play in the water and didn’t realize it wouldn’t be able to get out. I found it swimming around one morning when I went to get water from the well. I then spent several minutes attempting to extract the duck with my well bucket, but mainly just succeed in stressing us both out.

For the next several hours I told anyone who walked by that there was a duck in the well. Most of them took the time to come stare at the duck before continuing on their day. Then sometime in the course of the morning, another duck came to investigate and also feel in the well. After this happened I was more worried, because no one seemed to think that this was a problem. While no one explicitly covered the effects of dead ducks in my water quality classes, I think it’s safe to say it’s not good.

Eventually a few people either came to agree with me that the ducks should be removed from the well (or they just finally found who owned them). To do this someone had to hop in the well grab the angry ducks and then be pulled out the well itself. This exciting process was the talk of my neighbors for days afterwards.




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