Eat Like a PCV Challenge

This Challenge is for you to try to eat like a PC Madagascar volunteer for one week. Let me know if the comments how it goes for you! (if you find this challenge to be too easy, just keep doing it for the next two years and let me know how long before you go crazy)

Note: This is based off of where I live. Different parts of Madagascar have a different amount of access to different foods, but this gives you an idea of my life.


  1. No fridge. Everything has to be stored at room temp (if you make something for lunch and want to have the leftovers for dinner I promise you won’t die, just make sure to heat it up completely)
  2. No oven, microwave, blender, etc. STOVES ONLY!
  3. At the start of the week you can buy as much of these as you like (remember store at room temp only): bread, carrots, onions, garlic, potatoes, peanuts, cucumbers, tomatoes, lemons, green beans, oil, sou sauce, beef, fish, lentils. If you run out you’re out. no runs to the store.
  4. Halfway through the week you can go shopping again for as much as you want of, bread, tomatoes, dried fish, beef, dried shrimp
  5. Everyday you can buy rice, eggs, beans (dry, not in a can), chicken or beef broth, bananas, coconuts, oranges, salt, pasta, spinach (we don’t actually have spinach, but we do have greens every day, however spinach must be cooked)
  6. Drinks: room temp water, coke, orange fanta, hot coffee or tea


Good Luck!

Anyone up to making their own peanut butter? Start pounding!

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