Peace Corps Challenge

Note: This challenge has been borrowed and modified from other volunteer’s blogs from across the world.

Now that you’ve tried to eat like a PCV let’s see if you can adjust to some of the other aspects of Peace Corps life.

Spend one week and do one, do two, or do ALL the things on the list.  Just try it out, and let me know how it goes in the comments or facebook or e-mail ( The top three points scores will get a little token from Madagascar (if you are currently a volunteer, I’m sorry, but you are ineligible from winning).

Some are one-time options which can be repeated at your leisure, but others are highly encouraged for an entire week.
These options are marked with a 1W.

Best use of the Challenge: Pick one week, and cram as many challenge items into one single week as possible.  You may pick and choose as you please!

Point values are assigned to each challenge item.
For 1W items, you may only get the points if you do the item for an entire week.

The Challenge


  1. Do not use your personal vehicle.
    Options: hitching rides from others (spouses don’t count), bicycle, public transportation, by foot.
    5 points per day
  2. 1W Do no leave your house after 7 pm, unless you will staying at a friend’s house.
    10 points
  3. 1W Wear only 3 outfits. Rotation, rotation, rotation.
    15 points
  4. Spend an entire evening after dark without electricity.
    Flashlights are allowed, but candles are preferred. (as it’s summer you guys have it a bit easier here, but remember no tv or internet)
    15 points per day
  5. 1W Watch only television shows or movies that are on your computer (not online). You can only watch 4 hours worth for the entire week (because that’s how long my laptop lasts)
    20 points
  6. 1W When you have to go to the bathroom, first go outside of your house/workplace and close the door, then walk back inside. Then you may go to the bathroom.
    30 points
  7. Only use water from a bucket i.e. fill the bucket from a tap and only use water from the bucket.
    You may refill the bucket as many times as you like.
    40 points per day you do not use your indoor tap!
  8. You can shower as often as you like however, it must be a cold shower and you must shower using your bucket of water, no shower heads allowed. 5 points per shower  
  9. Wash an entire load of laundry by hand and let the clothes hang dry. (remember to only use the water from the bucket, no rinsing in the sink!)
    20 points for wash; additional 5 points for dry
  10. Since it’s summer keep the temp of your house set to 80 degrees fahrenheit during the day and 75 degrees fahrenheit at night (no fans), if you stumble upon this post during the winter keep your house set to 50 degrees fahrenheit. 50 points per day 



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