The Vanilla Queendom

Since moving to my new site back in March I also moved into the vanilla capital of the world. Here’s a look at what it takes to grow the world’s most popular flavor. While most people have heard about Mexican Vanilla and Madagascar Vanilla what they might not know is that there isn’t a difference … More The Vanilla Queendom

World Toilet Day!

Just a reminder to thank your toilet! World Toilet Day is Nov 19th and in honor of that here are a few facts about toilets that you might now remember every time you go to flush. -2.4 billion people living without a toilet -892 million people still practice open defecation -Diarrhea caused by poor sanitation … More World Toilet Day!

Toddler Life

A day in the life of my host brother. He will 2 in December. 5:00 – I wake up but I’m convinced to go back to sleep so my parents can have a little bit of sanity. 6:00 – Now it’s time for me to really wake up, but I have feelings about this so … More Toddler Life