Santa Baby

Santa baby, slip some netflix under the tree, for me been an awful good girl Santa baby, and hurry down to Mada tonight   Santa baby, a visit from my family too, would do I’ll wait up for you dear, Santa baby, and hurry down to Mada tonight   Think of all the fun I’ve … More Santa Baby

Brousse Stations

You know that game where you have to move the block around? This is a bit what a brousse station is like, except each block is has a mind of its own as well as being directed by about 7 other people.   Here I’m sitting in the front of a brousse waiting for it … More Brousse Stations

The Bees Knees

I have a new found appreciations for bees and other pollinators. The magnolia is such an ancient species that it is pollinated by a beetle because bees didn’t exist when the species first evolved. Here in Madagascar certain lemurs pollinate trees by having the pollen cling to their fur.  Unfortunately the bee that pollinates the … More The Bees Knees