Double Double Toilet Trouble

I feel I’ve had my share of toilet problems in this country. From not have a toilet for the first two months at my first house (you quickly find out that your neighbors don’t really like you when you have to share their toilet) and then again not having a toilet at my second house. (Thankfully the wonderful PC staff, Kamar, built it for me so I wouldn’t have to wait weeks again). I thought I had found perfection with my third toilet. (Or as much perfection as you can find with a hole in the ground) It was there when I moved in. It doesn’t smell or have too many flies. We’ve been getting along great.

But alas all good things come to an end. Right before Christmas the floor of my kabone (toilet) starting getting a little unstable. Then it developed an extra hole that then expanded and almost captured my leg. After that I was terrified to enter it so I ran to my host dad for help. He seemed less terrified, but still installed an extra board over the hole so I won’t fall it. Hopefully the rest of the floor holds until I go home in a few months


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