Life Without Water

As Capetown draws closer to day zero, or the day they run out of water, I’m reminded of the privilege the people of Capetown have. I don’t mean to belittle the situation. I know that this will be difficult and the city and its people are ill prepared. However, if you are still getting 6.5 … More Life Without Water

Mamma Slowly Slowly

Momma Slowly Slowly. To the people in Mikael’s town I was Momma Mikaela.  A mom is identified by the name of their first born child.  So, Momma Mikaela I was.  Then for the rest of the trip I was just Momma to everyone.  Kerstin and Mikaela had names, but I was just Momma. Then we … More Mamma Slowly Slowly

Are We There Yet?

Momma has hijacked the blog to tell you about traveling in Madagascar. I had read about the roads in Madagascar and their potholes, but it is hard to really imagine them until you experiences them.  The planning of our trip had many days of travel included in it which seemed unnecessary to me, but who … More Are We There Yet?