Mikaela Cherry’s Coming Home!

*set to the tune of What’d I miss? from Hamilton*

Mikaela Cherry’s coming home

Mikaela Cherry’s coming home

Mikaela Cherry’s coming home

Lord she’s been off in Mada for so long…

Peace Corps Madagascar is now over, there is no more status quo

But the sun comes up and the world still spins

My town is busy guarding vanilla and I said I gotta go

Gotta get back home to Kansas now the work at home begins

So what’d I miss?

What’d I miss?

Kansas my home sweet home I wanna give you a kiss

I’ve been in Mada eating rice and holding babies

I guess America’s gone a bit crazy

I traveled wide wide world and come back to this

There’s a letter on my desk from some colleges

Haven’t even put my bags down,

momma be a lamb, darling won’t you open it?

It says the university’d be happy to have me

And I am to be a phd candidate, great

And I’m already funding approved

I just got home and now I’m headed up to Lincoln

Headed to Lincoln

Headed to Lincoln


3 thoughts on “Mikaela Cherry’s Coming Home!

  1. Welcome home! I really enjoyed your blog and hearing about your adventures. Your insights on your  third world country were enlightening. Thanks for sharing and good luck on your future endeavours in Lincoln. Grant lives in Nebraska too. He is in Hastings and is the asst manager off a race track. 

    Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S7.


  2. Might you have time while you’re home to come and speak to our High Schoolers? (Plus anyone else who might be interested?) I would love that.
    Happy Travels, and Joyous Homecoming.


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