A Farewell to my Community

This is the farewell I should have given to my community, but instead I broke down crying and couldn’t speak.

To my mommas: You are all amazing women. You took me in and cared for me like I was your sister, your child, your niece. You were there when I was sick and couldn’t fetch water. You were there when I didn’t know how to get my whites white again. You were there every few months when my living fence took over my yard and needed to be cut back. You were there when my arms got tired making peanut butter. You fed me when I didn’t have a stove, or when it was a holiday, or just because you wanted to. You were all there for anything I might need. I appreciate everything you did for me and though I tried I could never thank you enough.

To my host family: Thank you for being my home away from home. I was so lucky to have not just a host mom and dad, but a brother and sister, cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. You were always there for me and you welcomed my mom and sister into your lives with open arms. I will never forget all the love you have shown me.

To my counterparts: Thank you for supporting all my projects. They may not have always been successful, but you have always been willing to try something new with me. I know that you have your own lives and jobs, but you always made time for me and the community. Thank you for being amazing examples for other people in the community.

To my children: Thank you for being wonderful, yet understanding that I cannot play every minute of everyday. Thank you for only calling me Libby for my first two months. Thank you for brightening my day with your laughter and smiles. For those who are still afraid of me, I’m sorry for scaring you because both your mother and I thought it was hilarious. Thank you to all the moms that let me hold their newborns because they were all incredibly adorable.


One of my many mommas and a wonderful neighbor
Momma Felicite always makes sure my yard doesn’t overtake me and that I’m up in time to get water
Fanza and her adorable children are always around to lend a helping hand or just play silly games. The littles one, Gaga is one of my favorites
These two women have been my rock since day one at my site. I’m so happy they came to the airport to see me off. My host brother was so excited to see an airplane then devastated when I got on it

One thought on “A Farewell to my Community

  1. Oh so sweet Mikaela! I feel, through your words, how hard it was to leave! I hope some of those kiddos grow up to do amazing things after watching you! Perhaps they’ll even come to visit you one day!
    Good luck as you head to Nebraska! I hope we cross paths soon, I’ll miss reading about your adventures!


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