Magic Medicine

If you had asked me two years ago where the next superbug would come from I would have said a hospital like most people. Now, I’m not as convinced. Now you could tell me that an antibiotic resistant strain of typhoid was found in my town and I wouldn’t be surprised. In most cases Madagascar … More Magic Medicine

Life Without Water

As Capetown draws closer to day zero, or the day they run out of water, I’m reminded of the privilege the people of Capetown have. I don’t mean to belittle the situation. I know that this will be difficult and the city and its people are ill prepared. However, if you are still getting 6.5 … More Life Without Water

Are We There Yet?

Momma has hijacked the blog to tell you about traveling in Madagascar. I had read about the roads in Madagascar and their potholes, but it is hard to really imagine them until you experiences them.  The planning of our trip had many days of travel included in it which seemed unnecessary to me, but who … More Are We There Yet?

Flower Contracts

I know i’ve spoken about vanilla a few times before, but since it’s a big part of my life we’re doing it again. This time of year can start to get a little hard a site. The rainy season means that there is less food coming in from outside the region so things are expensive … More Flower Contracts

“Raw Water”

It seems there’s a new trend in the US and it’s that of “raw water”. In case you haven’t heard of this trend, it’s where instead of drinking the treated water that comes out of your tap, people are spending insane amounts of money to drink untreated water. There’s a reason my host brother has … More “Raw Water”