I’m Moving!

Due to some ongoing problems with my housing, security, and work in Befotaka I will be moving sites. I’ll be moving to Ambohimanarina in the SAVA region. SAVA is in the northeast part of the country and is where most of the vanilla is grown. While the roads within the region are better than average … More I’m Moving!

PSI Visits

A few weeks ago an NGO called PSI (population services international) visited my site. They have a traveling media vehicle that goes around the north talking to towns about various health topics. At my site PSI and I spent the day going around spreading the word about the program that evening and talking to all … More PSI Visits

POTD: Sacred Baobab

The western park of Madagascar is home to the slightly strange looking baobab tree. These trees can live for hundreds of years. One legend says that the baobab used to be the most beautiful tree on earth, but then the devil became jealous and flipped the tree upside down so that he could view it from … More POTD: Sacred Baobab

POTD: Roof Repairs 

With the rainy season just around the corner many people in the community are taking this time to replace their roofs. While some people have tin roofs, many, like the one seen here, are made out of banana leaves. Theses are great because they are cheap, local, and cooler than tin. The downside is that … More POTD: Roof Repairs