Toddler Life

A day in the life of my host brother. He will 2 in December. 5:00 – I wake up but I’m convinced to go back to sleep so my parents can have a little bit of sanity. 6:00 – Now it’s time for me to really wake up, but I have feelings about this so … More Toddler Life

SAVA Surcharge

Madagascar is in the process of changing the look of its currency. It’s also added the new bill, 20,000 A, which is nice for large purchases, but otherwise it’s like trying to buy something at a kid’s lemonade stand with a hundred dollar bill. The SAVA region is a bit different than the rest of … More SAVA Surcharge

Op Fistula

An obstetric fistula occurs in pregnant women when a birth cannot proceed due to size or the location of the baby and a C-section is not available. When this happens the woman will just continue to be in labor for days while her unborn child and the tissue in her uterus, and excretory systems die. … More Op Fistula

POTD Dry Everything!

Tis the season of drying. Everyday that doesn’t bring rain you’ll find my town hauling out tarps and spreading out their crops. Vanilla and rice are most common, but you’ll also find peanuts and coffee. These days will be spent making sure the vanilla doesn’t get too hot or the chickens don’t get the rice. … More POTD Dry Everything!